USA Sportsbook Terms of Service

Online wagering on sports, recreational fantasy leagues, casino games and real money tournament games (known as the "Gaming Platform") are available to residents of legal age in their jurisdiction of residence, where the Gaming Platform is allowed. Employees of USA Sportsbook (the "Company"), its licensees, distributors, affiliates, and subsidiaries are not allowed to play or wager in the Gaming Platform. A "Player" or "Customer" so called is a person who participates in the Gaming Platform.

By opening an account, use and reuse of such an account, participation in the Gaming System, or acceptance of any prize, the Player represents, warrants and certifies all of the following:

By playing in the Gaming Platform, winning any prizes, and opening and using an account, the Customer accepts and allows all of the below:

  • Customer is governed by the Terms of Service detailed by USA Sportsbook and accepts abiding by them including all updates and changes that may take place. It is the responsibility of the player to regularly reread the Terms of Service located on
  • All aspects of the Gaming Platform are governed by the country of Curacao and its regulatory statutes.
  • It is the responsibility of the Player to be aware the legal statutes where they are resident relating to the Gaming Platform. The Player should be free to be a customer of the Gaming Platform and not in contravention of any proper and applicable jurisdictional conventions.
  • The Customer shall be of the proper age of majority, or 18 years of age, whichever best adheres to the legal age minimums of their jurisdiction.
  • Only the Customer is able to use their account and no other Players or parties are permitted to do so, including all forms of personal relationships such as family and anyone not of legal age.
  • Customers are only allowed one Player account and if more than one account is detected, or shares information such as location and computer IP address, USASPORTSBOOK.AG may upon investigation close any or all accounts and invalidate any corresponding winnings and wagers.
  • USA Sportsbook possesses the sole, complete, and final right to open, close, change, or maintain all Player accounts as it best sees fit in accordance with the Gaming Licensor and their statutes and regulations. This shall include all aspects of activity in the Gaming Platform and all aspects of its operation.
  • To open a Player account Customers must provide certain and specific personal data to ensure account and identity legitimacy, and on occasion further information may be needed. In addition to protecting and ensuring account legitimacy, this information may be used to adhere to anti-money laundering statutes and to protect against fraud.
  • All personal information submitted by the Player through the course of being a customer at USA Sportsbook must be genuine and correct. Players agree to the review of their information (including government identification) by legitimate third party information confirmation agencies to confirm the real and genuine identities of account holder information supplied to us. Any account holders who deliberately provide inaccurate and fraudulent information, or refuse to provide such information upon request, may have their Player accounts closed and all wagers and winnings voided. Further, by creating a customer account with USA Sportsbook, all Players consent to right to USA Sportsbook disclosing their identity in case of Players breaching intellectual property rights, or to confirm that said account holder is not a minor and thus violating the terms of this agreement.
  • In order to make a successful deposit Players must provide any and all relevant information asked for. Information needed will be determined by the deposit method chosen by the Player.
  • When Customers perform any type of real money wagering or tournament activity, all monies will be held by USA Sportsbook or USA Sportsbook partners until the wagering in question is concluded. At that time all monies will be paid out in accordance with the results of said wagering in accordance with our Terms of Service and the statutes and regulations of the nation of Curacao.
  • USA Sportsbook may at any time reduce or increase the monies that Players may deposit. Please contact the Customer Service team to discuss any changes to those limits.
  • USA Sportsbook will contact all Players in case of a deposit failure and USA Sportsbook and its service partners are not required or obligated to accept every deposit request.
  • In the case of any deposit dispute, or refund request, or if a deposit is uncollectable in any manner, all winnings and balances will be regarded as invalid and unpayable. Further, if such actions result in a Player account going into the negative, the Customer agrees that such balances that are owed must be cleared up immediately. If that does not occur, all uncollectable debt may be forwarded to any third party collections organizations that have a legal right to recover those negative funds at which time USA Sportsbook will no longer be involved. If deemed appropriate, any Player that contests deposits may be added to a “banned” list and forwarded to other similar websites and businesses.
  • Players are responsible for all additional charges, fees and taxes associated with any contest or promotional prizes they may win. Prizes are non-refundable, non-redeemable, and non-transferable.
  • All Customers are considered to be utilizing the USA Sportsbook Gaming Platform for personal entertainment and not professional wagering. The wagering of all accounts considered to be involved in syndicate betting or professional betting may be limited at USA Sportsbook’s discretion.
  • Any use of software programs or websites that data mine and otherwise gather information on the play of opponents are considered unfair and as such are not allowed on the USA Sportsbook Gaming Platform. All accounts found to be utilizing such software or services may have their accounts closed and their winnings forfeited.
  • USA Sportsbook is not responsible or obligated to payout winnings or awards which are the result of technical, software, or equipment malfunctions. Further, Players may forfeit any winnings or advantage when found to be taking advantage of a clear malfunction or error in the Gaming Platform. Players are required by the terms of this agreement to notify USA Sportsbook immediately of any such issues and understand that such technical malfunctions and errors may occur naturally from time to time. By not notifying USA Sportsbook of such an issue, Players may be held responsible for any and all costs associated with such an error.
  • USA Sportsbook considers the security and safety of its Customers’ accounts to be a top priority and as such conducts ongoing reviews of all accounts to ensure their legitimacy. Players are now advised of such ongoing reviews and acknowledge that they may be asked for additional information to ensure account integrity.
  • Any USA Sportsbook Player accounts that have not had any activity such as wagering, depositing, or withdrawing in a 2 year period (24 months) will be considered “Dormant”. After 24 months Customers will be notified via email each month for 3 months (90 days) that their account will be zeroed out if there is no further Player activity. At the end of the 455 days any remaining accounts with no activity will be formally considered “Dormant” with any and all balances forfeit.
  • In the case of any and all contention or dispute arising from contests, awards, the website, ecommerce services, and all aspects of gaming as it relates to USASPORTSBOOK.AG, all and any such matters, not including the choice of law principles, will be adjudicated under the statutes and laws of the nation of Curacao.
  • USA Sportsbook offers a number of different bonuses such as a Sign Up Bonus, a Refer-A-Friend Bonus and other bonuses based on specific promotions and activities. All bonuses are contingent upon the terms under which they are awarded and unless otherwise noted may only be redeemed in conjunction with real money play. It is not possible to refund or transfer bonuses. For more details on the terms of USA Sportsbook’s various bonuses visit the Help section of the website or contact Customer Service at
  • The Customer may at any time end the agreement with USA Sportsbook by formally making such a request. Similarly, USA Sportsbook may also end the agreement with the Customer at their discretion.
  • Any and all activity on a Player’s account is the total responsibility of that Player. All Players are responsible for the safety and security of their log in information and their password. It is the duty of the Player to inform USA Sportsbook immediately if they have shared their log in information, or feel that it has been compromised, so that the appropriate password changes and account updates can be made. Any and all wagering activity that is a result of a person other than the Player shall be deemed the responsibility of the Player, and all such wagers shall be treated as though placed by the Player and will not be cancelled.
  • USA Sportsbook may at is discretion ask Players to submit further identification and information before processing a payout. This is to ensure both the security and safety of the Player’s account, as well as to assure that no fraud or money laundering has taken place. Any payouts that do not satisfy the needed requirements will be suspended or cancelled until those requirements are met.
  • USA Sportsbook may at any time and without notification suspend any game, wager, or any other activity on the Gaming Platform as it sees fit.
  • Customers’ personal information will always be kept secure and private. For the purposes of contests and promotions, Customers may at their discretion participate in prizing and awards that may require that their name be used for public relations.
  • USA Sportsbook will never be liable for the cancellation of any game or event regardless of reason.
  • In the following instances USA Sportsbook will not be liable:
    • All events of “Force Majeure”
    • All failures of the USA Sportsbook Gaming Platform
    • All and any issues related to telecommunications and the transfer of information over the Internet including the security of such transfers
    • All events or issues classified as “Acts of Nature” or “Acts of God”
    • All events related to political or civil unrest, war or terrorism
    • All issues related to the actions of governments or authorities and their relationship with USA Sportsbook
    • All events and issues related to strikes, vandalism, fire, flood and related actions
  • The relationship and understanding between USA Sportsbook and the Player is considered formally acknowledged and constituted in this Agreement known as the Terms of Service. The English language Terms of Service will always be considered the most up to date and accurate of all subsequent and other versions.
  • a. USA Sportsbook may at its discretion limit or reject any bets or wagers. $25,000 USD is the highest amount that a single account may win weekly.
    b. The largest payout that may be requested is $2500 USD weekly regardless of payment solution. Multiple payouts will be processed for payouts exceeding $2500 USD with the largest weekly payment being no more than $2500 USD per week and the rest to follow at one per week until the payout has been completed.
    c. $25,000 USD weekly win limits will not be applicable to those Players who win a casino jackpot or a win any of the USA Sportsbook parlay challenges.
  • In the act of becoming an account holder and, or, also partaking in any events, awards, or tournaments offered on the USA Sportsbook Gaming Platform, the Customer gives their understanding that all rights, trademarks, copyrights, patents and information contained on USASPORTSBOOK.AG, and its properties and media, are all solely and exclusively held by USA Sportsbook in all manners and forms. Customers or others are expressly prohibited from copying, plagiarizing, infringing on copyright, and in any other way violating USA Sportsbook’s rights of ownership and creation. This includes downloading more than one copy of the Gaming Platform, which is only intended for personal and recreational use.
  • If a Player chooses to participate in a tournament or similar event they hereby give permission for USA Sportsbook to publish their user name in any records of tournaments or promotional material. Should any Player win such an event or tournament, they hereby agree to the use of their user name, picture, image, etc. for public relations purpose for no further fee.
  • All submissions and recommendations sent by the Customer to USA Sportsbook, in all forms and media, become the exclusive property and rights of USA Sportsbook and no payment, recognition or attribution is obligated.
  • The USA Sportsbook Gaming Platform and all of its products and services are intended for personal and entertainment purposes. Player safety and well-being is a top priority at USA Sportsbook, and as such we offer a number of resources available in our Help section if gaming is adversely affecting your life or is no longer enjoyable. Please also contact our Customer Service team at should you wish to self-exclude and close your account with USA Sportsbook. It is important to note that accounts closed for gambling problems will remain permanently closed so that USA Sportsbook can actively support the well-being of our Customers.
  • Customers of USA Sportsbook may voluntarily set deposit limits in a number of ways when setting up an account. The governance of deposit limits is exclusively the responsibility of the Customer who assumes complete ownership for all funds deposited in all cases and instances.

Terms of Service - Games of Skill

  • Each tournament result available on the Gaming Platform is dependent upon a number of factors such as the number of entrants and the level of skill of participants and cannot be predetermined.
  • In the majority of tournaments prizes are usually cash and the specific amount for Limited Entry Tournaments will be announced at the beginning of said tournaments. In the case of a technical issue prize amounts will be in relation to the number of entries at time of the technical issue. For Unlimited Jackpot Tournaments, prizes will be determined at the end of the tournament reflecting the total number of entries. All cash winnings will be paid to the winning Players’ accounts.
  • USA Sportsbook has the final determination of in all aspects of tournament resolution including the final results and prizing awarded. All Players that participate in any offering tournament on the Gaming Platform agree unreservedly to these conditions.
  • Should there be any issue that prevents the Player from finishing a tournament and for which the Gaming Platform is responsible, USA Sportsbook will reimburse the Player’s buy-in amount if such a determination is made. Should the determination be that the issue was deliberately caused by the Player, USA Sportsbook may choose to limit future tournament entries or close said accounts. Any possible prizes and results from tournaments that do not finish properly are not the liability of USA Sportsbook.


All activity on the USA Sportsbook Gaming Platform takes place over the Internet which is accessible from all parts of the globe. The laws governing the validity of Internet gaming vary widely from country to country and as such it is not realistic or possible for USA Sportsbook to have a complete understanding and assessment of every statute and law. All Customers that create a Player account with USA Sportsbook confirm and agree to this understanding, and are completely and solely responsible for understanding the nature of the laws in their place of residence, and that it is permissible and legally valid for them to place wagers and game with USA Sportsbook. If any question of legality should arise concerning the understanding between the Player and USA Sportsbook, or any of its service partners, the courts of the nation of Curacao shall render any judgements as determined by their laws and statutes, as the governing jurisdiction from which USA Sportsbook operates its business.

Any wagers on the USA Sportsbook Gaming Platform are understood to have been made and accepted in Curacao.

The laws and statutes of the nation of Curacao will govern any and all disputes and claims between the Customer and USA Sportsbook, and any of its service partners.

Privacy Policy

For all considerations governing privacy please take a moment to read USA Sportsbook’s Privacy Policy.

Fraud and Collusion

Any act of fraud or fraudulent behaviour such as, but not limited to, deliberately providing false information or forgeries, utilizing stolen credit cards, exploiting any method of payment, charging back legitimate transactions with USA Sportsbook, “chip dumping” or the unauthorized transfer of funds to other players, and collusion or player collaboration, are expressly and unreservedly forbidden and automatically result in the breach of the agreement between USA Sportsbook and the Customer. Upon detection of such activity USA Sportsbook may at its sole discretion take whatever actions may be warranted including the closure of accounts and the forfeit of any winnings. The Customer acknowledges that the decision of USA Sportsbook in any and all such issues is complete and uncontestable. Any costs incurred in the process of committing fraud, or as a result of fraud, will be assessed to the Player including all fees and charges and will be the obligation of the Player at all times. Further, USA Sportsbook reserves the right to share any account information including the Customer identity with related service partners, other online gaming organizations, and authorities as it deems fit.

Authentic Information and One Account per Player

Customers are limited to one account per individual and having multiple accounts is expressly prohibited. All personal information provided by the Customer must be legitimate and accurate as it is used to confirm residence, age, and to facilitate deposits and withdrawals. If the Customer information does not match the information on credit cards and other payment instruments utilized, deposits may not be successful. If a Customer loses their account information or password please contact USA Sportsbook Customer Service at and should not create additional accounts which may result in closure. Accounts with inaccurate information, whether deliberate or by error, may be required to provide additional information and identification to ensure account security and integrity. If such a request is denied or not acknowledged, USA Sportsbook may at its sole discretion close such accounts and all activity will be considered void.

Hostile and Offensive Actions

Any and all hostile and offensive actions, language, and interactions, whether with other Players or USA Sportsbook staff, will be considered inappropriate and will be dealt with in whatever manner is deemed fit by USA Sportsbook up to and including account suspension and termination. This pertains to all interactions on the USA Sportsbook Gaming Platform as well as with all USA Sportsbook media and service partners. Further, if any Player is found to be making unjust, inaccurate, malicious, or slanderous accusations or comments about USA Sportsbook in any and all forms of media, USA Sportsbook reserves the right to act unreservedly in the most appropriate manner it deems fit.


All Customers agree unreservedly to and hold that all USA Sportsbook directors, officers, licensees, licensors, partners, affiliates and related entities are hereby harmless and additionally concur to completely indemnify them from all liabilities, expenses, costs and damages that are a result of the Customer breaching this agreement. Further, the Customer agrees that USA Sportsbook and its records shall have the sole and last authority in determining the nature, type, and circumstances of the Customer’s interaction with the Gaming Platform in all cases.

Bonus Abuse

The bonuses offered by USA Sportsbook to its Customers are intended for recreational activity and are not intended to be exploited by professional gambling groups, sometimes referred to as syndicates, or by anyone seeking to exploit the bonus program. If a number of accounts are found to be working in a concerted manner USA Sportsbook reserves the final right to amalgamate all accounts into one single account, or may suspend or terminate all accounts. Deliberate and intentional exploitation of bonuses will be considered a fraudulent activity and may result in the forfeiture of all funds in any accounts participating in said fraud. This applies to all bonuses offered by USA Sportsbook including Deposit Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, and Refer-A-Friend bonuses. USA Sportsbook considers acceptance of these Terms of Service as the sole notification required in this issue.

Contests and Promotions

At its discretion USA Sportsbook may from time to time offer contests, tournaments and special promotional activities. Each offering will be governed by a specific set of terms and conditions which will be made available to all Players and will be the final say on all matters relating to said offers. Any such contests and promotions at any time can be suspended or cancelled by USA Sportsbook without warning or notification. USA Sportsbook’s interpretations and rulings will be considered final should there be any issue or error in the terms and conditions of the contest, tournament or promotional event.

Wagering Miscellany

All wagers and games may be withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of USA Sportsbook based on, but not limited to, circumstances beyond the control of USA Sportsbook, decisions by sport governing bodies, errors in information or line postings, and match or price fixing. Such cancellation of any and all games and wagers are not the liability of USA Sportsbook and are subject to these Terms of Service.

In cases where the outcome of a contest is disputed and controversial, it is the prerogative of USA Sportsbook to await an official ruling and investigation of the event by the organization that oversees that sport or activity before paying out any wagers.

Betting Lines