Player Rewards

Player Rewards

Player Rewards are your free loyalty rewards based on all of your Casino wagering on USA Sportsbook! Player Rewards are very much like loyalty programs found in traditional casinos and are USA Sportsbook's version of those "comps" programs. With USA Sportsbook you are rewarded with "Player Rewards Points" based on your play and in turn you can use them towards any number of prizes and promotions. Play now and get rewarded!

How it works

Login to your
USA Sportsbook account

Earn USA Sportsbook points
on Sports and Casino wagers

Redeem your points for Cash,
Free Money, or Tournament credits.

Player Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

What are Player Rewards Points?

Player Rewards Points are loyalty points that you accumulate based on Casino play with USA Sportsbook. Those points can then be used to get specific prizes and rewards. There are no limitations on the total number of Rewards Points earned or used to get rewards- in fact the more you play the more you earn! You can use them at any time and they never expire.

Signing Up for Player Rewards

The good news is that you are signed up for the Player Rewards program as soon as you opened your USA Sportsbook account. To login into Player Rewards simply use the same login information here as when logging into the USA Sportsbook website and you are good to go.

Earning Player Rewards Points

Player Rewards Points are based on your total wagers in the casino and are automatically put into your account. The information below provides a breakdown of how Player Reward Points are awarded:

Casino Player Rewards
Game Type Points
Slots 6
Keno 6
American Roulette 4
Red Dog 4
Caribbean Poker 4
Multi-Hand Jacks or Better 4
Multi-Hand Double Barrel 4
Multi-Hand Wild Joker 4
Multi-Hand Deuces Wild 4
Triple Card Poker 3
European Roulette 2
Craps 2
Pai Gow Poker 2
Triple Ride Poker 2
War 2
Baccarat 1
Blackjack Games 1

Checking Your Player Rewards Points Balance

You can view your Player Rewards Points balance any time you login and visit the Casino and it will be displayed on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Player Rewards Points’ balances may also be viewed by logging into your Player Rewards account here.

Types of Player Rewards

You may redeem Player Rewards Points to get Real Cash, Free Money, Tournament Credits, and USA Sportsbook swag. All you need to do is sign in to your Player Rewards account and choose the rewards that you like best!

Real Cash is awarded as real money and all of it can be used to wager with right away, or you may request it as a payout with no restrictions.

Free Money works exactly the same way as when you receive a Bonus. Free Money never expires and is available for wagering and is converted to Real Cash as you use it. For more details on Free Money please visit our Help section here.

All Real Cash and Free Money rewards are awarded right away to your account. Tournament entries are awarded the day prior to the event and all merchandise will be sent regular mail.

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