Los Angeles Rams want to steal Pete Carroll from Seattle Seahawks

December 13, 2016

The Los Angels Rams want to steal Pete Carroll from the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams are wasting no time as Jeff Fisher was just fired 24hrs ago and both teams are still in the regular season.


Multiple sources have confirmed that the Los Angeles Rams will look to steal Pete Carroll from the Seattle Seahawks organization and bring Coach Carroll back to California. This would be the same Pete Carroll and Seattle Seahawks team that the Los Angeles Rams face this week on Thursday Night Football.


The Rams are looking for an energetic coach who can work closely with the personnel department, can develop young players and empowers the players to manage the locker room. This would fit the Los Angeles Rams perfectly as they have a young talented roster and he would be a great poster boy for the franchise that is already tanking in it’s return to Los Angeles.


“Pete makes sense in a lot of ways,” one source said. “There is already a defensive core in place for him to work with. He has deep coaching ties across [the NFL] and knows how to build an offensive staff that can bring along [Goff]. … He’s a California guy at heart and has a track record there with the L.A. fan base [from his time at USC]. He’s also a great, great coach.”


People can go on and on about how Stan Kroenke the owner of the Los Angeles Rams has deep pockets and is following the path of a Jerry Jones in NFL league matters and the front office. But those people better check themselves before they wreck themselves! I don’t want to hear how Kroenke will open up his check book to make this happen by offering nine or ten Million dollars for a salary. The fact is Kroenke and the Rams are picking a fight with a team and an owner they can’t beat or bully. 


Paul Allen, owner of the Seattle Seahawks is the richest NFL owner period! Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder is worth about $17 billion according to CNN Money in 2015. Paul Allen loves his Seattle Seahawks on a level that might only be matched by Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots. Both Allen and Kraft will do anything to keep their teams in their cities and leaving simply is not an option, ever!


So to all the Los Angeles Rams front office staff that think they are just going to swoop in and steal Pete Carroll; they should know they have as good a chance winning the Super Bowl this year as they do of stealing Pete Carroll away from Seattle.