Jim Harbaugh will stick with College Football despite NFL offers

November 12, 2016

Jim Harbaugh returned to coach College Football with Michigan after his time with the San Francisco 49ers in which he was a successful coach. The problem was never with his win column but the turmoil around him and tensions with ownership and upper management which drove him back to his alma mater Michigan.


In only his second season back at Michigan, Harbaugh has become a cultural icon off the field and won a whole lot of games on it. This should come as no surprise to anyone as Harbaugh never had a problem winning games. Harbaugh posted a record of 19-3 in his first 22 games at Michigan, including a 9-0 mark this season that has the Wolverines ranked No. 3 in the country and in position for a berth in the College Football Playoff.


Not surprisingly, NFL teams have noticed that the man who won a lot of games in their league is still winning a lot of games, and according to Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman, some of those NFL teams would really like Harbaugh to return to winning NFL games.


Per Freeman:

I keep hearing several teams are going to make the Michigan coach mega-offers. He won't take them. Harbaugh isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I don't care if he's offered a trillion dollars, a starship and a Cuban cigar. Harbaugh. Is. Not. Leaving.

That won't stop teams from trying.



The fact is coaching in the NFL sucks! Sure, having a chance to potentially win a Super Bowl is enticing enough for most but reality is coaches are fired all the time in the NFL, many of them after making the playoffs and having winning seasons, just ask Marty Shottenheimer. Marty Shottenheimer in 21 NFL Seasons only had 2 seasons with a record below .500. Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier and now Jim Harbaugh have all figured out that being a College Football coach is the dream job, not coaching in the NFL!


So NFL teams looking to hire Jim Harbaugh, good luck and don’t hold your breathe because it wouldn’t matter if Harbaugh went .500 every season for the rest of his career at Michigan, he would still be considered a god. If Harbaugh wins just one National Championship in College Football then Michigan will be sure to build a statue of him and that’s the difference between the luxury of coaching college football and the brutality of coaching in the NFL. Win a Super Bowl and you could still be fired after the next season!