Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones on Quarterback Controversy

October 19, 2016

Everyone knows we’re coming to a flashpoint with the Dallas Cowboys and their quarterback situation, but the closer we get to a decision the murkier it gets.


Following the Cowboys’ impressive and decisive victory against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones started to backslide on the debate that’s raging everywhere: Tony Romo or Dak Prescott?


With the rookie Prescott playing as well as he has, it would be hard to imagine the Cowboys taking him out of the lineup. But just a few weeks ago, it was Romo’s team, they all said — including Prescott himself — assuming the franchise QB was healthy.


Now? Jones has decided — fitting in this election season — that ambiguity is his best method to parry to any and all questions about what the Cowboys will do following their Week 7 bye.


“I don’t have any idea,” Jones said on his weekly radio hit on Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan (via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram). “No one does, as to what the situation will be a game or games down the road. We don’t have any idea.


“The main thing is we’re all looking at the same music and we all feel the same thing. The team is positive with each other. We feel like we can make mistakes and overcome them. Everybody feels good about all of what we’re doing.”


The compression fracture Romo suffered in his lower back in the preseason set this whole thing into motion, and Prescott has run with his opportunity. He’s a few conversions in Week 1 away from being unbeaten as a starter, as set the record for the longest interception-less streak — beating a guy named Tom Brady for that — to start a career.


Romo has received positive medical updates, the team has said, and could be ready to rejoin the mix soon. The team is paying him a ton of money and has a lot left on his contract beyond this season — and for good reason, as Romo has been very good for years. But he’s also 36, having had multiple back procedures in the past few years, and hasn’t practiced since August. Are you going to just insert him back into the lineup, wham bam, thank you ma’am?


This is the Cowboys’ problem. But Jones doesn’t see it that way.

“I don’t use the word ‘problem’ in this conversation,” Jones said. “This is a great situation. To be sitting there with the team coming on the way that it is on both sides of the ball, improving like it is, then to have Romo with his ability sitting there healthy, ready to play. Then to have Dak Prescott playing at the level he’s playing with the future standing there, motivating us. All of that is a great situation.”



The Cowboys return from bye in Week 8 with a Sunday night game in Dallas against the Philadelphia Eagles. We don’t know when the decision will be made, but it’s coming soon. And it appears no one really knows what will happen when it goes down.