2017 NFL Preview: No excuses for Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston

July 15, 2017

This is the season we will likely find out how good Jameis Winston can be.

The signs over the first two seasons have been very good for the 2015 first overall pick, but not without some nits to pick. He has thrown too many interceptions, partially due to a tendency to force passes. He has not been a consistent deep passer. His accuracy has a tendency to wane, and his completion percentage reflects that (though Dirk Koetter’s aggressive, vertical offense plays a big role in this completion percentage too).

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What we know about Winston after two seasons is that he has a remarkable work ethic. He has fantastic physical tools, including a great arm … that he trusts too much at times. He has played well enough to believe the arrow is pointed up, and he’ll continue to develop and minimize the mistakes. If you had to bet right now, you’d probably bet on Winston becoming a top quarterback. However, almost all of that would have fit for Jay Cutler after two seasons, too. Cutler didn’t have a terrible NFL career, but presumably the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are hoping for more out of Winston.

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