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Major League Baseball or MLB has been America’s national pastime since the start of professional baseball and sports.

MLB has 30 baseball teams for which 29 of them are in the United States and one team is in Toronto, Canada. At the end of the 162 game season, five teams from the American League and National League enter the playoffs with a chance to play in the World Series of Baseball.

Thanks to a massive 162 game season, great stadiums and the boys of summer having the advantage of great weather, baseball fans pack the stadiums giving baseball the highest season attendance of any sport in the world with more than 73 million fans entering the stadiums each year.

Major League Baseball has many great rivalries but for us, nothing is better than the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. It doesn’t matter if this game is played Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park with the Green Monster or if the teams are even in the playoffs, when these two meet it’s always important.

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