Sports Betting : Learn how to bet on Sports

How to place your bets

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Now that you have signed up in our Sportsbook, you are ready to start betting!. Placing a bet in our system is very easy and straightforward. In this tutorial, we'll show you the basics of the main features in our site.


Once you are logged into our Sportsbook, Click on the Deposit link at the top part of the page. it will take you to our online transaction processor main menu.

Online Sports Betting : How to deposit money to place your bets

You can add money to your account by debit card or credit card. All Cashier / Deposit page has the detailed instructions on how to make the deposits. Folow them carefully and fill out the requested data in the forms. This will assure your deposits will be processed correctly. After complete your deposit press back on the exit cashier link to back again at your sportsbook.

You are ready to bet now !

Now you can select the sports you want to bet on and choose between the variety of wager types. Depositing money in your account is easy!

  • Straight Bet
  • Parlay
  • Teaser
  • If Bet

Online Sports Betting : How to place straight bet wager.

Once you have logged into the sportsbook, you'll be shown a list of sports event you can bet on. Click on the event of your interest, that will take you to the odds screen. ( You can change the sport displayed by clicking the links from the left menu.

It's time to place your bet. In the Select a bet type drop down select "Straight Bet / Parlay". Then the list of odds for each team select ONLY ONE of them by clicking on the Money, Line or the total Odds for the team. Your Ticket will be created with information on your account, the game of your choice and the line you selected. After that type the amount you want to wager in the Bet box. On the box you'll see the amount of your bet and the amount to win. You need to select "Email receipt" checkbox if you like to have your bet id and information at your email. You need to check on "Confirm bets" check box to confirm your bets.Click on "Place Bet" button to place your bets.

Your bet has been placed! You will get the all details of your bet at your email. Your "My Account" section you'll have several options to check the status of your bets you've made. You placed the straight bets and wish to place another wager then again select your sports at the sportsbook page to place your next wager.